Jan's Hobby Projects

My name is Jan Hrček and I work as Quality Engineer at Red Hat, focusing on testing software based on KIE Group Open source projects.

In my free time I am passionate about functional programming, in particular I enjoy working with Haskell and Elm. I also love learning stuff related to Mathematics, in particular Combinatorics, Algebra and Category Theory.

This page serves as a list of several projects I've been working on in my free time. The source code of my projects is available in my GitHub page.

Project page What is it? Source code
Random failure analysis A work related project, the goal of which is to help identify random test failures in CI build pipeline of KIE Group projects source
Graph editor A simple SVG-based directed graph editor implemented in Elm source
Natural strategy setup A configuration tool for user friendly creation of strategy configuration files for RoboZonky source
Graph Layout Experiment Experimental reimplementation of this Haskell project in Elm source
Graph layout benchmark Experimenting with elm-visualization's implementation of force directed layout algorithm source