About Me

My name is Jan Hrček. Since 2009 I hold a master’s degree in Computer Science from Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics.

I work as Elm developer at Global Web Index in Brno, Czech Republic. The primary focus of my job is development and maintenance of the platform.

I am Functional Programming enthusiast with several years of experience using Haskell and Elm languages in many hobby and work-related projects. I firmly believe that Purely Functional Programming is THE way to write robust and reliable software that stays maintainable over long periods of time. Here is an incomplete list of software and technologies I use on daily basis and am comfortable/proficient with: Linux (mostly Fedora and occasionally playing with Nix), Java, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Jira, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Selenium, HTML, CSS, Haskell (GHC, Stack), Elm, Graphviz, Docker, SQL, Relational databases (PostgreSQL, SQLite), IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, Vim …

I am experienced Java programmer, holder of Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer and Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer certificates, but since discovering the power of Purely Functional Programming I don’t fancy doing Java as much as I used to.

I also love learning stuff about Mathematics, in particular Algebra, Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Category Theory.

I am native Czech speaker, but am also fluent in English (holder of Cambridge FCE certificate) and I am intermediate German speaker.

You can find more about me in my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.