These are some of the projects I’ve been working on in my free time.

Project What is it? Source code
RoboZonky - Natural Strategy Setup A configuration tool for user friendly creation of strategy configuration files for RoboZonky source code for natural-strategy-setup
Graph Editor A simple SVG-based directed graph editor implemented in Elm source code for graph-editor
KIE Group - Random Test Failures A work-related project, the goal of which is to help identify random test failures in CI build pipeline of KIE Group projects source code for random-failures
KIE Group Dependencies A work-related project, the goal of which is to facilitate analysis of maven dependencies used in various project’s modules source code for kiegroup-dependencies
Graph Layout experiment Experimental reimplementation of this Haskell project in Elm source code for force-layout
Graph Layout Benchmark Experimenting with elm-visualization’s implementation of force directed layout algorithm source code for force-layout-benchmark
Injective - surjective Experimental visualization aiming to demonstrate the influence of domain/codomain size on the probability that finite mathematical functions will be injective or surjective source code for force-layout-benchmark